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SWEA, Swedish Woman’s Educational Association Inc., is a global, non-profit organization that provides a strong personal and professional network for Swedish and Swedish speaking women who live, or have lived abroad. SWEA International has today about 7500 members in 75 chapters in 33 countries. Worldwide SWEA provides donations and grants for charitable and educational purposes to promote Swedish culture, tradition and trade for about 30 000 000 yen a year.

SWEA Japan was established in 1988 and currently has about 60 members. Our chapter has previously given cultural scholarships and contributions to Swedish Schools in Tokyo, and also supported women’s shelters in the Tokyo area. The annual Christmas Bazaar is the fund raising event of the year for SWEA Japan. The proceeds from the Bazaar go in full into our donation programme, which is supporting a few carefully selected projects. Thanks to our generous Bazaar sponsors, last year the bazaar generated a profit of 3 400 000 yen, which will go in full to the Tohoku area and the Swedish School in Tokyo during 2016.

SWEA Japan has, the past 5 years, in different ways supported the Tohoku area, which was affected by the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster in 2011.

2015: Supported 6 municipal kindergartens and children centers in Iwaki City, Fukushima prefecture, with toys from BRIO and MICKI, furniture and toys from IKEA, nordic children’s literature and Pippi dolls, and air cleaners from LightAir. We have continued to promote Swedish-Japanes craftsmanship exchange through the donation of Swedish wool yarn, knitting needles and pattern books to 2 temporary accommodations in Tono City and Ishinomaki City, and also to the Crochet Village, a non-profit organisation with operations in Tono City, Iwate prefecture. 2015 donations amounted to 2 544 501 yen, of which 500 000 yen went to the Swedish school in Tokyo.

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2014: Supported Kindergarten Daycare Centers with quality outdoor play equipment from Sweden – Three facilities in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture got tricyles and scooters, and one in Yamashita Miyagi Prefecture got large outdoor equipments and toys. In addition we initiated a handcraft culture exchange for community centers serving refugees in Fukushima Prefecture utilizing Swedish quality yarn and knitting patterns.

2013: Supported a playground in Tono City with play house and pick nick table, and to schools and preschools in Ishinomaki City with book corners, cushions, and soft animals.

2012: Supported preschools, and infant institutions both in Iwaki City and Tono City with toys, playground equipment, furniture and books.

2011: Supported 350 temporary housing in Ishinomaki City with basic kitchen sets.